Who should apply

  • ・Government policymaking staff members
  • ・Local government policymaking staff members
  • ・Management executives or candidates to be involved in entrepreneurial strategies
  • ・Management staff at research and funding institutions
  • ・Think-tank staff involved in the government and local government policymaking
  • ・Candidates for future researchers and teachers who will be involved in training the next-generation policymaking research and education professionals


As of March 2018, eight students obtained Ph.D. and three obtained Master's degree from the science, technology and innovation program since the program started at GRIPS in 2005. Of the Ph.D. degree recipients, 2 are Japanese government officials, 1 with a government-related organization, 2 with Japanese universities, 1 with Japanese research institution, 1 with an embassy in Japan, 1 with a foreign government. Of the Master's degree recipients, 2 are Japanese government officials and 1 with a government-related organization.

<【C】西川公朗_NishikawaMasao (58).jpgPhoto: Masao Nishikawa

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