Director's Message

Director's Message

Amid the complex and uncertain social and economic conditions of today, the success or failure of STI policy is a key issue for Japan as well as for the rest of the world. Policy issues for promoting STI include public subsidies for research and development, taxation and cluster policy, industry-academia-government collaboration policy, intellectual property policy and competition policy, and regulations of all kinds. These are becoming diversified as they cross beyond the borders of government ministries, local governments, technology sectors, and other domains.

In order to draft sustainable STI policy under severe fiscal conditions and the demographic trend of an aging society with a falling birthrate, it is necessary to incorporate not only system design and policies to support research and development, but also policy elements related to the various processes by which the outcomes of these policies are realized in society. At the same time, there must be evaluation and feedback, based on objective evidence, in the processes of planning, drafting, executing, evaluating, and revising the above.

The National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) is expanding its network throughout the world with the objective of cultivating politicians, mid-career government officers, and business persons to become policy and strategy professionals as well as future leaders. Our hope is for persons with a highly developed awareness of issues in STI policy to come together and leverage the knowledge of "Science for STI policy" gained through this program in their career formation and policy practice.

Dr. Atsushi Sunami
GRIPS Innovation, Science and Technology Policy (GIST) Program National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)
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