Doctoral Program

Doctoral Program

This program aims to cultivate human resources who can employ a scientific approach in the planning/drafting, execution, evaluation, and revision of STI policy and strategy. In particular, the program aims to foster administrative officials, practitioners, researchers, and other key personnel who possess advanced skills for policy research, the capability to plan and practice policy and strategy, and mastery of the multiple disciplines required for these, along with analytical competence in social science fields, teaching competence in higher education, and high-level foreign language competency.

In principle, the program accepts applicants who possess a Master's degree and are administrative officials or practitioners involved in policy, or are personnel who wish to pursue research or education careers in relevant fields. In the first year of the curriculum, participants acquire credits through intensive coursework to acquire theory and analytical methods related to social sciences. Part-time enrollment is possible from the second year onward, with a focus on attendance in seminars. The program accepts enrollment in both April and October.

The degree offered is either Doctor of Policy Studies for administrative officials and other practitioners, or Ph.D. in Public Policy for researchers, with dissertation guidance offered in accordance with the intent and particulars of the candidate.

Path to Degree



2018 Promoting Scientodiversity through Research Grants
2017 The Societal Impact of Open Access to Research
2016 原発利用のための制度の変化に関する考察 : 福島原発事故の影響に着目して
2015 University and Industry Collaboration in Japan and Thailand : Influence of Key Actors' Characteristics and Modes of Collaboration
2015 政府リモートセンシング衛星プロラムの長期継続に関する要因分析 : アメリカとフランスの陸域観測衛星を巡る政策過程を事例として
2015 The Role of Japanese Corporate R&D in the UK: Measuring Business and Academic Benefits
2015 革新的な科学的知識・技術に起因するイノベーション・システムの動的変化 : 農作物育種を事例にした分析および日本における育種研究への考察
2013 科学技術のリスク評価における非専門家の役割 -森永ヒ素粉乳中毒事件を中心に-
2012 イノベーション促進型資金配分システムの発展メカニズムに関する研究
2011 テキスタイル産業におけるデザイン導入とイノベーションに関する実証分析
2010 The Evolution of Japanese Space Policy: The Emergence of Bounded Policy Discourse
2010 日本における科学技術情報政策の基本方針 -その脆弱性の原因に関する科学技術情報"伝達サイクル"に基づく一考察
2009 医薬品産業における企業境界の変化がイノベーションの決定要因に及ぼす影響 -専有可能性と技術機会に関する分析
2008 研究開発プロジェクトにおける研究フェイズの変化とメカニズム
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