About SciREX

About SciREX

Science for RE-designing Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy (SciREX) program was established by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in JFY2011 to address the importance of evidence-based policymaking through various activities (see SciREX website). The program includes funding, research, education, and data collection and analyses. GiST takes the leadership of the 6 SciREX member institutions (5 centers).

About SciREX

GIST: HUB of the SciREX member institutions

As the hub of the 5 institutions, GiST develops human resources who can exercise leadership in planning, drafting, and implementing STI policies, and promote research on various policies. GiST takes the lead in developing "Science for STI Policy" besides training policymaking human resources. Leveraging its networks with related government ministries and institutions inside and outside Japan, GiST leads the collaboration among the member institutions, and drives the development of academic domains related to "Science for STI Policy" as well as practicing the policies in society and forming communities.

GIST as a Hub of SciREX Institutions

GIST in the SciREX Program

SciREX Activities

  • Summer Camp: Faculty members and students at SciREX member institutions join annual camps and occasional workshops to have opportunities of interaction and networks.

  • International symposia: SciREX member institutions co-organize international symposia, sharing information on domestic and international activities as well as expanding networks.

  • Education and research results are shared among the member institutions through workshops and symposia.

  • Publication of "Science of STI Policy": SciREX member institutions cooperate in editing publications to widely disseminate the cumulative knowledge, insights and latest research findings in the field of Science for STI Policy.

  • Sharing research outputs with society: The research results and reports of the educational activities are shared widely through the websites of the SciREX member institutions and SciREX websites.

  • Internship:Opportunities will be provided for any students who wish to be engaged in the hands-on activities of policy making, research management, societal problem solving and others.

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