Summer Camp and International Activities

Participation in the SciREX Program

GiST, as one of the 6 member universities of the SciREX Program, joins the Summer Camp and International Symposia as follows:

Summar Camp

Summer Camp has annually been held at one of the six member universities with a topic of the year as follows. It is a few days-program that can be participated by any university students, researchers and policy makers. The one held in 2018 shows how it was (click the "STI and Society in 2030 below).

Year Planned by Topic Venue
2020 GRIPS, STiPS, SciREX Center Summer School Online
2019 GRIPS STI Policy to Challenge GRIPS, Tokyo
2018 GRIPS STI and Society in 2030 GRIPS, Tokyo
2017 GRIPS STI Scenario in 2030 GRIPS, Tokyo
2016 Hitotsubashi U Recovery from Disaster and STI Policy Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture
2015 U. of Tokyo STI and Industrialization: Regulation and Security Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture
2014 Osaka/Kyoto U. Demographic Map in 2045 Awaji, Hyogo Prefecture
2013 GRIPS Large-scale Research Projects Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture
2012 Kyushu U Kyushu U. Fukuoka Prefecture

International Symposia

International symposia have been held with other SciREX participating universities to have the students establish and expand international networks.

Year Theme
2015 Industry-university-government Collaborative Policy and Innovation
2014 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policy
2013 Governance for Science, Technology and Innovation: Current Issues and Selection of Policies
2012 Past, Present, and Future of Science, Technology and Innovation
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