GIST Seminar

The 35th GIST Seminar
"How to effectively finance innovations? : A comparative study of government policies in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand"

The 35th GIST Seminar<br>
Speaker Prof. Patarapong Intarakumnerd (Professor, Professor, National Graduate Research Institute for Policy Studies)
Time 17:00-19:00, Tuesday, 26th June, 2012
Venue Research Meeting Room 4B, 4th floor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
Sponsor GRIPS Innovation, Science and Technology Policy Program (GIST)
Language English
Fee Free (Pre-registraion required)
Document Presentation Slides(423K)

Presentation Overview

The study provides a detailed overview of major innovation financing policies in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. It outlines the major innovation financing schemes of loan/grant programs, R&D tax incentives, public equity participation, especially, venture capital, and capital market rules and regulations. National Innovation System was used as the main conceptual framework. The results show that Singapore and Taiwan, the first-tier East Asian NIEs, have been more successful in formulating and implementing government financing innovation schemes as compared to Malaysia an d Thailand, the second-tier East Asian NIEs.

Simplified personal history

Prof. Patarapong Intarakumnerd (National Graduate Research Institute for Policy Studies)
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