GIST Seminar

The 63rd GIST Seminar
"New Mediocre Era of Low Growth? The Dynamics of The People's Republic of China (PRC) and India"

The 63rd GIST Seminar<br>
Speaker Dr. Ganeshan Wignaraja (Director of Research of the Asian Development Bank Institute in Tokyo)
Time 18:00-20:00, Thursday, November 27, 2014
Venue Research Meeting Room 4A, 4th floor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (ACCESS)
Sponsor GRIPS Innovation, Science and Technology Policy Program (GIST)
Language English
Fee Free (Pre-registraion required)
Document Presentation Slides (306K)

Presentation Overview

With the global economy still in the recovery ward and the IMF predicting an new mediocre era of low world growth, Asia's economic "giants" are under the microscope as among the few exciting sources of world growth and trade. The remarkable performance of the PRC and India over several decades has helped shift the center of global economic activities towards Asia. With a gathering momentum towards South-South trade and investment, economic ties between the PRC and India have also intensified. A lively debate is taking place on the ability of the giants economic strategies to sustain rapid economic performance and stimulate world growth. Drawing on his East West Center publication and an Asian Development Bank Institute study, Dr. Ganeshan Wignaraja will look at the outlook for economic reforms and growth in these major players. The seminar will address a number of critical questions including: what role have history and reforms played in the economic success of the PRC and India, whether India can catch up with PRC, what challenges lie ahead for growth and transformation in the giants, and whether the United States and Japan should prepare for a multipolar world.

Simplified personal history

Ganeshan Wignaraja is the Director of Research of the Asian Development Bank Institute in Tokyo, the think tank subsidiary of the Asian Development Bank. In a career spanning over 25 years in international economics research and policy, he has held positions at the Asian Development Bank, the Commonwealth Secretariat, the OECD, the University of Oxford, the United Nations University Institute for New Technologies and a UK consulting firm. He has a DPhil in economics from the University of Oxford and has published 13 books on international economics, regional integration and development economics. His books include: Competitiveness Strategy in Developing Countries 2003, Pan-Asian Integration: Linking East and South Asia 2009, Asia’s Free Trade Agreements: How is Business Responding? 2011; Economic Reforms, Regionalism and Exports: Comparing China and India 2011; and A WTO for the 21st Century: The Asian Perspective forthcoming 2014.


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