GIST Seminar

The 76th GIST Seminar "The Formation of Silicon Valley and Moore's Law"

The 76th GIST Seminar
Speaker Prof. Christophe Lécuyer, Professor of the History of Science and Technology at Université Pierre et Marie Curie
Time June 13, 2016 6:15pm - 7:45pm (Doors open at 5:55pm)
Venue National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, 4th Floor, Room 4A (ACCESS)
Sponsor GRIPS Innovation, Science and Technology Policy Program (GIST)
Language English
Fee Free (Pre-registraion required)


In this talk, the speaker will review his work on the formation of Silicon Valley (1930s-1970s) from a policy perspective. He will also discuss two new research projects : the environmental history of Silicon Valley (1970s-1999s) and the evolution of Moore's Law. He will focus especially on Moore's Law as a managerial and governance tool and on the current breakdown of the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors.

Simplified personal history

Christophe Lécuyer is professor of the history of science and technology at Université Pierre et Marie Curie (LIP6) and senior research fellow at the Charles Babbage Institute at the University of Minnesota.
He was educated at the Ėcole Normale Supérieure (Ulm) and received his Ph.D. from Stanford University. A former postdoctoral fellow at the Dibner Institute for the History of Science and Technology, he taught at MIT, Stanford, and the University of Virginia and held senior research appointments at the Collegium de Lyon, the Institute of Advanced Studies located at the ENS de Lyon, and the Institute for Advanced Studies at Central European University in Budapest. Much of his research has been devoted to the history of computing, microelectronics, advanced materials, and scientific instrumentation.
He is the author of Making Silicon Valley: Innovation and the Growth of High Tech, 1930-1970 (MIT Press, 2006) and the co-author (with David C. Brock) of Makers of the Microchip: A Documentary History of Fairchild Semiconductor (MIT Press, 2010). These books received respectively the Computer History Museum Prize (2009) and the Eugene S. Ferguson Prize (2013) of the Society for the History of Technology.
He is now teaching the course titled "Understanding Silicon Valley" at National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies in Tokyo, Japan.


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