The 109th GIST Seminar "A discussion on Critical Minerals -Considerations for Energy Transitions"

The 109th GIST Seminar
講演者 Dr.Michelle Foss, Fellow in Energy, Minerals and Materials Center for Energy Studies, Baker Institute for Public Policy Rice University, Houston, Tx, U.S.A.
日時 April 28, 2023 (Doors open at 17:30)
場所 5th Floor, Lecture Room M, GRIPS, 7-22-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo ( Access )
主催 GRIPS Innovation, Science and Technology Policy Program (GIST)
言語 English
参加費 Free (Pre-registration required)

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  Clean energy transitions will significantly increase the critical minerals demand.
She will speak about the role of critical minerals and the challenges associated with energy transitions along with consequences such as import dependency and the cluster of environment, social and governance (ESG) considerations.  In her view, with regard to security and ESG, we need to look broadly across the energy landscape to ensure that "new energies" do not compromise gains achieved around legacy systems.
  In her speech, she will point out important aspects including;
- Minerals and materials "criticality" is in the eyes of the beholder. We know that demand will increase for alternative energy applications and that material requirements will be higher.
- Energy choices should include security, for our nation, energy system and economy. How we define security and the many complex interactions can influence attention to risks, uncertainties, mitigation and solutions.
- There is growing attention to ESG risks specific to mining and minerals processing. Mining and minerals processing are, and can be, conducted safely and soundly with best practice and enforcement.
  She also made her speech at G20 meeting and gave her recommendations such as to develop a uniform mineral criticality index, to promote transparency of critical minerals, to foster technical collaborations, to share best practices for extraction and recovery of critical minerals (an example is the Energy Resource Governance Initiative).  Since Japan will host G7 meeting soon, we expect she will give her recommendation to us.

Seminar Info (Details):
English version


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