The 126th GIST Seminar "A discussion on how to accelerate commercial deployment of fusion; technology, public private partnership"/フュージョン(核融合)エネルギーの商業化を促進するために ‐技術課題への挑戦と官民連携の在り方-

The 126th GIST Seminar
講演者 Mr. Rick Needham(MS), Chief Commercial Officer, Commonwealth Fusiton Systems, Dr. Takuya Goto, Co-Founder, Board Member, Helical Fusion, Dr. Satoshi Konishi, Co-Founder, CEO and Chief Fusioneer, Kyoto Fugineering
日時 17:30-19:30, February 20, 2024 (Doors open at 17:00)
場所 1st Floor, Soukairo-Hall, GRIPS, 7-22-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Access )
主催 GRIPS Innovation, Science and Technology Policy Program (GIST)
言語 Japanese/ English (Simultaneous interpretation provided)
参加費 Free (Pre-registration required)

Presentation Slides:
Mr. Rick Needham, Chief Commercial Officer, Commonwealth Fusiton (PDF)
Dr. Takuya Goto, Co-Founder, Board Member, Helical Fusion (PDF)
Dr. Satoshi Konishi, Co-Founder, CEO and Chief Fusioneer, Kyoto Fugineering (PDF)
Prof. Hiroshi Yamada, The University of Tokyo (PDF)
Mr.David Livingston, the Senior Advisor & Managing Director for Energy, U.S. (Video Message)
Mr. Daisuke Baba, Director for Integrated Strategy, the Cabinet Office (PDF) (日本語版)

Seminar Info (Details)/セミナー案内詳細

Fusion energy has made significant scientific advances over the past several years such as net-energy breakthrough in December of 2022. At the same time, a number of private fusion companies in U.S.A. argue that they are on a faster path to turning these scientific advances into commercial energy production at scale, many planning to deliver first electrons to the grid in the early 2030s.
US government announced U.S. Fusion Energy International Partnership Strategy which will support the timely development, demonstration, and deployment of commercial fusion energy in strategic areas like research and development and harmonization of regulatory frameworks.
Commonwealth Fusion Systems is the leading company to have fusin into commercialization with demonstration facility SPARC which is under construction and will be commissioned next year 2025.
Helical Fusion and Kyoto Fusioneering are leading Japanese private fusion companies with competitive technologies to accerelate fusion commercialization.
They also have important roll of supply chain development for Fusion technologies.
At this seminar, Mr. Rick Needham, Dr. Takuya Goto and Dr. Satoshi Konishi will give their views and some suggestions to us.
After three presentations, Prof. Hiroshi Yamada of Univ. of Tokyo, Mr. Daisuke Baba of the Cabinet Office at GOJ will give their insight as discussants about technical challenges and public private partnership including international cooperation.
Prof. Hisanori Nei of GRIPS will moderate the panel discussion and Q&A sessions.

3つの発表の後、核融合を専門とされている東京大学の山田弘司教授に特にSPARCについての技術課題克服に関するリスクと期待を、日本政府の核融合戦略を主導されている内閣府の馬場大輔 参事官からフュージョンエネルギー商業化に向けた戦略、特に官民連携と国際協力の方向性についての示唆をいただきます。本セミナーのモデレーターは、政策研究大学院大学の根井寿規教授が務め、パネルディスカッションと質疑応答を行います。


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